The Oscars will go into the next and therefore 92nd round on February 9th. As every year, millions of viewers around the world will be thrilled from home. But not only the award winners and their luxury robes captivate the attention: It is also exciting how it is with so much fame for the private life of the stars.

We got to the bottom of this question: For this we have examined all 220 nominated main and supporting actors from the past ten years and their relationship status. Who was the Oscar curse afflicted and led to the separation of the stars shortly after the Oscar? Whose love has proven itself? We have the results for you!

Happiness in the game, bad luck in love

Overall, men live in love matters more dangerous than their fellow actors: While almost 16 percent of men fail in love after the Oscar nomination, it is only nine percent for women.

If you look at the stars by nomination category, you can see a clear pattern. The nominees in the category “Best Male Actor” suffer the most from the Oscar curse: More than 25 percent of them broke up the relationship shortly after the award ceremony. The curse Bradley Cooper, who has already split up twice after the Oscar, played badly: First his love for Suki Waterhouse (2014) failed, in 2019 he and Irina Shayk separated after the Oscar ceremony.

The female lead actresses fall victim to the curse much less often than the male colleagues: only nine percent of them failed in love. Sandra Bullock (2010) and Ruth Negga (2017), who did not last longer than two months with their respective partners, were particularly quick.

Professional success meets love happiness: Supporting actors hardly affected by the Oscar curse

To date, nominees in the category “best supporting actor” have had much more luck. In the past ten years, the Oscar curse has given them a wide circle: Only seven percent of the best male supporting actors announced a separation after the price. Jonah Hill was one of those unlucky people: his love for Isabelle McNally only lasted two months (2014).

The same can be observed for women in the best supporting roles: only for nine percent of them the happiness of love not lasting.

Nominees more at risk than winners

It is reasonable to assume that the fame goes to Oscar winners’ heads and therefore fails in private life. Nevertheless, our analysis proves the opposite: it is above all the nominees (75 percent) whose relationships have degenerated after the Oscars in the past decade.

Most of the men also suffered here. But also for the female actresses the professional soaring caused private turbulence: While the relationship broke for almost 80 percent of the men, around 70 percent of the women officially separated from their partner at the time.

About the investigation

For the analysis, all 220 nominees for and Oscar winner from the last ten years were examined. The focus was on the current relationships between the celebrities at the time of the Oscar award and how long they remained up-to-date after the award ceremony.

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