On February 15, the world celebrates Singles Awareness Day, which is known as a counterpart to romantic Valentine’s Day. More and more singles are deliberately opting for being single – and that can ultimately be celebrated as well. For many of you, it doesn’t always have to be love, as our current research shows. On the occasion of the Singles’ Day of Honor, we analyzed over 70,000 profiles and found out where the proud singles among you are particularly well represented in Germany. Of course, the data was collected anonymously.

Below you will find the results graphically summarized at a glance.

Non-binding? Yes, please!

Singles looking for non-binding flirts are best catered for in Essen: over 85 percent of you are not out for anything solid here. Even Cologne singles, who are already known as flirt masters from our rankings, put great emphasis on non-binding (80 percent). The cities of Frankfurt am Main (68 percent) and Berlin (58 percent) are a bit off, but still at the forefront of casual dating.

A tenth of you are open to more

Around 11 percent of Jaumo users see the whole thing a bit more “relaxed” and do not say no if it should spark when flirting. Especially the singles in Aachen (19 percent) see it that way. Hamburg, Munich and Leverkusen (16 percent) single people do not rule out a potential partnership.

In Krefeld it can be love

Around half of Krefeld among you would rather celebrate Valentine’s Day than celebrate Singles Day. In Gelsenkirchen, too, you yearn for more intimate togetherness (49 percent) than in the cities mentioned above. Many single people in Wuppertal (over 44 percent), Hanover (over 43 percent) and Hamburg (just under 42 percent) also want great love.

Women like it big, men shapely

Now you know where you can find like-minded singles. So that you are well prepared, we have also found out what is crucial for a match for men and women:

For women, the partner’s body size is by far the most important: the top filters are the maximum or minimum body size. The type of encounter is also important to you: friendship, flirting or a steady relationship. After all, you want to know what you’re at. The relationship status of the potential love candidate is also important.

For men, the type of encounter, i.e. friendship, flirt or a steady relationship, has top priority. For male users, the figure type of their partner is similarly important, while body height follows in third place.

About the investigation

Over a period of four weeks, we anonymously evaluated 70,908 user profiles from users in the 30 largest German cities. The focus was on the cities in which singles are looking for casual dates, flirts or a steady relationship. In addition, we analyzed what is still important for women and men regardless of the type of encounter.

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