The corona virus has become an integral part of both the media and our heads. But does that also affect our dating behavior? Our current survey seems to confirm this. For the analysis, we wanted to know from you whether the novel virus also has an effect on your love life and now present the results of more than 33,300 answers:

Germans don’t fear Corona

Around 25 percent of German women have already canceled a date since the outbreak of the corona virus. In other countries, women are even more cautious: 46 percent of Americans, 48 percent of Austrians and 52 percent of Swiss women have already postponed their dates. Women in the UK (72 percent) are most afraid of getting infected when they meet the match.

Sex is more important than kissing

It is interesting that 22 percent of German users do not kiss because of Corona, but only 17 percent do without sex. The situation is similar in Austria: 45 percent of women give up kissing, but only 39 percent state that they currently do not want to have sex because of the risk of infection.

Men are more willing to take risks than women

Overall, men are less worried about the virus than women. Only 14 percent of the men among you have already canceled an appointment, but twice as many women. 88 percent of British men do not want to miss a meeting. In international comparison, most women (88 percent) in Germany state that they do not feel any changes in their love life.

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