Across Europe, there are currently increased exit and contact restrictions to curb the spread of the corona virus. In a recent survey, we wanted to know how many of you have already canceled a date and how many do without kisses and sex. More than 180,000 users from Germany, Austria and Switzerland took part in the survey from March 17 to March 24, 2020.

Dates during Corona: Most of the singles postponed the dates

Since the exit restrictions came into effect in Germany on March 22, around 28 percent of you have since canceled their appointments. For comparison: At the beginning of the week (March 17) it was almost half (16 percent).

At the same time, 39 percent of you in Austria and 56 percent in Switzerland preferred to stay at home. However, the contact restrictions applied earlier (March 16 and 19) than in the Federal Republic.

Kissing prohibited: up to 53 percent do not kiss

Interestingly, before the March 22 restrictions, more Germans (30 percent) decided not to kiss than after (28 percent). Since the precautionary measures were announced in Germany, 38 percent of women and 24 percent of men have already given up snogging.

Overall, the figures for men and women also rose sharply in Austria (from 26 percent to 46 percent) and Switzerland (43 percent to 53 percent).

Women are more likely than men to avoid intimate contacts

As with kissing, Germans are less cautious than their neighbors from Switzerland and Austria: In Germany, only 26 percent of you have already renounced tech mechtel for your health. Swiss and Austrians, on the other hand, agree: 40 and 39 percent, respectively, have kept their hands off sex in the wake of recent events.

However, there are gender-specific differences in all countries: In the Federal Republic, more women (on average 32 percent) than men (on average 23 percent) wait for corona-free times with sex. In Switzerland, 26 percent of men and more than twice as many women (54 percent) prefer to abstain from being infected with the virus. In Austria, too, the figures for men (32 percent) and women (53 percent) are very different.

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