The following tips are our recommendations for more security in times of the virus wave. Important: If it scratches your throat, please stay at home first or find out from your family doctor. Your date will thank you.

The corona virus currently keeps the whole world in suspense. The effects of the spreading virus can already be felt in numerous areas of life. At the latest now, the epidemic is also penetrating the last private areas: more and more employers are arranging home offices, the family doctor is already giving sick leave over the phone and major events are being canceled more and more. Even if only two people are usually involved in online dating, you should consider one or the other hygiene measure here. Here we explain how love and closeness are not neglected despite the lack of physical contact.

1. Old school is back in fashion

You were supposed to meet on the first date for your match, but is the first meeting at risk for prevention reasons? How about slowing down the whole process and starting with a phone date? What was common before the first rendezvous still works today. If the voice pleases one another, the next step can be a video chat.

2. Avoid greeting horror

You venture on a date despite the corona virus, but do you feel bad about kisses and hugs? Just show how international you are and try different greeting rituals from other cultures. Of course, these should also do without physical contact. In connection with a warm smile, the genuine joy of getting to know each other can be felt.

3. No kissing – just look, don’t touch

The date went well and you now want to get in touch? Since Corona is a droplet infection, the virus is transmitted primarily via the mouth. If you want to be on the safe side, let the smooch stay for now. Especially if it is not certain that your counterpart is healthy.

4. So that pleasure droplets do not become frustration droplets

The motto “better safe than sorry” now applies more than ever. That’s why you should stay away from one-night stands. And if sex does occur, use a condom to prevent it (as is usually the case), because transmission by sperm or vaginal secretions is currently not ruled out by the WHO.

5. No risk, more fun

Fortunately, we live in modern times and so personal meetings are not the only way for exciting hours for two. Experimentation is a popular alternative method of contraception in these turbulent months. So if you have always wanted to try cyber or telephone sex and have never dared to suggest this, you now have the best excuse to do so.

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